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Surfacing information left unsaid by C-level executives and the Federal Reserve

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Surfacing information left unsaid by C-level executives and the Federal Reserve

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Using advanced AI technology to provide a new set of trading signals

StressLens analyzes subtle changes in tone, cadence, and physical movements that
signify nervousness, hidden intentions, or incomplete information.

Applications for StressLens

Combine your existing tools and expertise with StressLens and act on the most impactful data.

Market Monitoring

Broad research and coverage to monitor how the market is doing overall — and where you should be investing

Specific Trades

Comprehensive analysis to illuminate what your next trades should be for particular companies you’re following 

Retrospective Analysis

New alpha from past speaking events you may have overlooked 

How StressLens works

We look at historical audio and visual data for a speaker, and fingerprint that person’s normal presenting style.

Then, based on that data we can immediately identify when the speaker’s voice or physical cues indicate stress.

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The StressLens Advantage

Gain an edge in your investment strategy with analysis unmatched by any other offering.

Data dating back to 2006 on remarks by key speakers

Analysis based on patterns unique to each speaker

Insights delivered minutes after an important event

StressLens in Action

Unlike any other tool, StressLens uses unique stress markers to detect potential major financial changes well before the market knows of them and can react, providing an edge to investors looking to make moves ahead of announced information.

FedEx Margins and Earnings

For example, FedEx’s lockdown era success collapsed “suddenly” in September 2022. However, Fred Smith and other executives’ stress scores indicated that something was amiss three months in advance. Likewise, Smith’s stress scores modulated in January 2023, well before positive news was formally communicated in April 2023.

Fedspeak and Medium Latency

Jerome Powell’s highest stress marker on June 14, 2023 — dramatically above others — betrayed his concept of no rate action at the June meeting as a seemingly benign “skip.” In contrast, comments that sounded critical in fact corresponded to low stress markers. StressLens would have communicated these insights immediately, allowing traders to take rapid action if they so chose.

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See how FiscalNote StressLens can help you find alpha.

  • Analysis of remarks by major government officials and C-level executives of the S&P 500
  • Data delivered directly to your research and trading tools
  • Insights available within minutes of a speaking event
  • Compliance ready

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FiscalNote (NYSE: NOTE) is a leading technology provider of global policy and market intelligence. By uniquely combining AI technology, actionable data, and expert and peer insights, FiscalNote empowers customers to manage policy, address regulatory developments, and mitigate global risk. Since 2013, FiscalNote has pioneered technology that delivers mission-critical insights and the tools to turn them into action.

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